Frequency Extension Unit 802FEU


Unlike ordinary sub bass units the low level input signal is fed directly into the FEU where a frequency division network diverts the lowest frequencies to the FEU amplifier and feeds the remaining signal to the monitor as normal.

When the FEU is switched off the division network is bypassed feeding the total signal to the monitor. This feature is useful for setting the FEUís sensitivity, as its effect can be easily assessed by simply switching the unit on and off. The calibrated sensitivity control can then be adjusted to match the FEUís to your listening environment.

The FEU will highlight material that has been produced on speakers with poor bass extension such as many popular mini monitors, and it may take a little time for the ear to adjust to hearing the entire frequency spectrum being faithfully reproduced.

802FEUís are supplied in pairs and form the perfect speaker stand for any Excel Compact Reference Monitor.

Technical Information:

Bass drivers


Large linear excursion

2 x 170W rms

Isobaric loading

Minimum phase active crossover

Magnesium chassis


Technical Specifications:

Speaker Bandwidth




Female XLR (Audio), Male XLR Audio out, IEC (Mains)


Maximum Output Level

112dB SPL @ 1 metre sustained



H700 x W260 x D300mm





Black textured lacquer (Veneers to special order)

Cabinet Construction

M.D.F. Braced & pressure glued

Port Diameter

2 x 38mm


Nominal Input Level

-10dB to +4dB

Gain Adjustment

-6dB to +6dB


Maximum Driver Excursion


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